Home Heater Repairs

We can fix and repair any brand of residential heater, furnace or heat pump.

In the Spring TX area we do not have many months of cold weather but we do get some severe cold snaps in the winter.  Be prepared by ensuring that your home heating system is working before you need it.

Do I need my heater fixed or replaced?

Replacing your home HVAC system is a big decision.  You will need to weigh repair costs, electric bills and simply just getting a new high-efficiency system is right for you.  Let a Majestic AC Comfort Consultant provide a free evaluation and consultation to see if replacing your system is the right thing to do.

Common Central Heater Repairs

Heating systems fail for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes your heater will tell you that it’s about to fail.  Some of these indicators include not being able to heat your home like it used to, unable to get the temperature up to what is comfortable for you, inconsistent temperatures in different areas of your home, strange or loud noises.  

Anytime you feel that your heater unit is not working properly, you should give us a call so that we can send a trained technician to inspect your system.  Many times we can find a problem and fix it before it becomes a major issue or leads to complete system failure.

There are several reasons why your pilot light may not stay on or goes out.  Even though re-lighting your heater pilot light can be DIY, it may be a good idea to get a trained technician to look at it.  

One of the easiest things you can do at home to keep your heater working properly is routinely change the air filter.  If you have severely clogged filters, it can affect how well your system warms your home.  Prolonged use with a clogged filter can damage your system.

A heat exchanger does exactly what it sounds like.  Air gets passed over tubes in the exchanger which warms the air that goes out into your home.  Over time and with neglect, the heat exchanger may crack needing replacement.

A limit switch detects how hot your furnace is getting and shuts it down in case it reaches certain “limits” hence the name.  A malfunctioning limit switch can result in damage to your furnace as well as your home.

Sometimes your furnace will be running just fine but the thermostat which is the “brains” of the HVAC system is malfunctioning and sending the wrong messages to your heater.  A Majestic AC technicians can find what wrong and fix or replace it.

Crown Club Maintenance Program

Majestic AC offers the Crown Club loyalty program that goes both ways. You get annual tune-up of your central heating system in addition to priority scheduling on repairs, equipment discounts and much more.

Heater Preventative Maintenance

There are a couple things you can do to keep down the repairs needed as well as prolong the life of your furnace.  First, keep you filters clean by replacing them routinely.  How often depends on the type of filter you have as well as your lifestyle such as pets, smoking, etc. 

Secondly, get your furnace checked and tuned-up each fall BEFORE first using the system.  An HVAC technician will perform a safety check, lubricate motors and basically inspect the whole system.  They may even detect problems before they become costly repairs.

Your home furnace will give you many years of warm comfort in your home but it must be repaired and maintained to keep it running efficiently.  A poorly maintained gas heater could also be very dangerous to your family.

Central Heater FAQ's

When the temperature drops, we get lots of questions regarding residential heater repairs.  Here we have showcased some of the more common questions.  If you have any questions regarding your home heating system, please contact us at Majestic AC.  Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can answer any questions about any brand residential heating system.

A well maintained residential furnace can last between 15-20 years especially in the Spring TX area where it is not used very often.  Make sure you get a licensed technician to perform annual inspections and tune-ups to prolong your equipment lifespan.

This depends on the filter that you use.  Those 1″ filters should be replaced every month.  Media filters that fit directly into your system should be replaced every 3-6 months.  Much is dependent on your lifestyle. If you have pets or smoke, you may need to replace the filters more often.

By asking this question, we assume that something is not right?  Most common reasons include air that is not warm coming from the vents or registers, very little air flow, heater seems to be running constantly and if course loud, unexpected noises coming from the system.

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Summer is just around the corner.  Last year saw record temperatures for extended periods of time.  With the threat of reaching max power capacity in Texas, its more important than ever that your HVAC system is running at its peak efficiency.  Schedule your AC tune-up today!

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Shirley Kelly
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Manuel was on time, efficient and informative. He changed the filters, did the part replacement, shared facts about improving air quality in my home. He took pictures of the units and explained what could be done to make the units work better. Very pleased with the service and prices. I am a regular customer and have been for years. Never any pressure; only good service!
Debbie Brown
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Hands on technician Rudy Caballero was very professional and explained all the questions I had in a very professional manner I will definitely do Business with this company in the future and ask for Rudy.
Royce Houthuijzen
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Majestic Air Conditioning installed a new air conditioner in our home in February 2021. From the moment I called their offices until the unit was installed, it was a seamless, professional experience. We are very happy with the new system. I highly recommend this company!
Lauren Farr
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Majestic AC has AMAZING customer service. The service man was super respectful, HONEST, and didn’t try to sell me more then I needed. He fixed my unit in the rain to make sure we had AC until our unit can be fixed.

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