Smart Thermostats in Spring TX

Smart home thermostats with wi-fi can extend the capabilities of your HVAC system and save you money!

Modern thermostats are wi-fi enabled and has much more capabilities than older models.  Thermostats are like the brain of your HVAC system.  Smart thermostats can be programmed to offer maximum comfort during different parts of the day.  Some can even learn and adjust based on your selections. 

According to EnergyStar, smart thermostats can effectively control your HVAC to run as efficiently as possible.  Contact Majestic AC today to see if a smart thermostat can help you get the results from your home AC system.

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Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

Do I need a new thermostat?

So how do you know if and when you need a new thermostat.  Well one of the more obvious reasons we will knock out right now.  Maybe you want a new, smart thermostat to take advantage of its advanced features such as programmability, touch-screen controls or always connected aspects.  If this is your reason, talk to Majestic AC.  We will find the perfect smart thermostat to check all your feature boxes.

If your AC doesn’t seem to be cooling right or if it seems the unit is cycling on and off a lot, then it may be your thermostat going out.  Like everything else, thermostats have a shelf life.  Contact us for a repair call and we will evaluate and see if we can fix your problem or we can show you options on how to upgrade your thermostat.  Remember, your thermostat is the control center for your entire HVAC system.  It is like your brain so its always a good idea that its working at its best.

Frequently Asked Thermostat Questions

At Majestic AC, we often get questions about thermostats.  It is one of the less thought about pieces of equipment for an HVAC system but it is an important part.  Here are some of the more frequent questions we get asked.  If you have a question, contact us.  We will be glad to answer all your questions.

Yes, smart thermostats can and do work without connecting to the Internet.  You will lose the ability to monitor and control the thermostat from your smart phone or computer, but can still function without Wi-Fi

The obvious reason is because they can be easily programmed using a touchscreen.  The less obvious answer is because it can learn and make decisions on keeping your home comfortable based on the settings you make.  It continually evaluates them and makes changes on its own.

There are many factors to consider.  It is always a good idea to get advice from a trained professional.  Majestic AC can help you find the best smart thermostat that will be compatible with your current AC system, has the proper wiring necessary and the features you are looking for.

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Manuel was on time, efficient and informative. He changed the filters, did the part replacement, shared facts about improving air quality in my home. He took pictures of the units and explained what could be done to make the units work better. Very pleased with the service and prices. I am a regular customer and have been for years. Never any pressure; only good service!
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Hands on technician Rudy Caballero was very professional and explained all the questions I had in a very professional manner I will definitely do Business with this company in the future and ask for Rudy.
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Majestic Air Conditioning installed a new air conditioner in our home in February 2021. From the moment I called their offices until the unit was installed, it was a seamless, professional experience. We are very happy with the new system. I highly recommend this company!
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Majestic AC has AMAZING customer service. The service man was super respectful, HONEST, and didn’t try to sell me more then I needed. He fixed my unit in the rain to make sure we had AC until our unit can be fixed.

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