Humidity and Your Home

Humidity and Your Home

Humidity and Your Home

Although in southeast Texas we think of humidity outside, we rarely consider humidity in our homes.  Too much or too little humidity in your home can impact the health of you and your family.  Majestic AC has been working hard to increase awareness.  Maintaining proper humidity levels in your home is very important.  Houston and the surrounding areas are close to the Gulf of Mexico and experiences high levels of humidity for most of the year.  Consequently, it should be in every conversation when determining your home comfort.

What are some of the effects of too high or too low humidity?

Humidity is basically the measure of water vapor in the air.  It is measured in absolute or relative humidity.  What you see on the news is typically relative humidity which is the moisture in the air compared to the temperature.  High levels of humidity during our hot summer months makes the air “feel” hotter than the actual temperature.  During the winter months when the winds shift from the north, we can experience days of dry, low humidity.  So how does that affect indoor air quality?

Low humidity in your home can cause respiratory issues for those that have health issues related to breathing such as asthma or bronchitis.  Really dry air can also contribute to dry, cracked skin and chapped lips.  Prolonged dry air also has a negative impact on wood furniture and wood floors.

High humidity is also bad for your indoor air quality.  High moisture levels in the air promotes dust mite, bacteria, and mold growth.  These contaminants can get into bedding or air ducts and wreak havoc on your health.  Mold in homes has been extensively documented as detrimental to your health.  Of the two extremes, high humidity in the home is the most dangerous to the health of you and your family.

Between 30% and 60% is an acceptable range for humidity.  If you have problems with your HVAC system or if your home is not weather proofed properly, you may have a hard time maintaining these levels during our humid summers.  A modern HVAC system includes the ability to maintain certain humidity levels but if your home has gaps that opens it up to the outdoors, it may be impossible for your HVAC system to maintain the proper humidity. 

How to Maintain Perfect Humidity in Your Home

If you are experiencing humidity problems in your home, you may want to consider a humidifier or dehumidifier.  They come in two-types: portable and whole-home versions.  The portable ones are ideal if you just need to control the humidity level in one room.  They take a little maintenance though.  A whole-home system works in conjunction with your HVAC system and smart thermostat to maintain that perfect humidity levels throughout your home.  Although more costly, it helps tremendously in terms of indoor air quality.

When it comes to health issues in your home, humidity levels should be one of the more important aspects to measure and consider.  Too little or too much moisture in the air can negatively impact your health.  In southeast Texas, high humidity is the most important concern.  High humidity in your home can cause mold, mildew, and bacteria to grow.  Unchecked, these contaminants can severely affect the health of your family.  If you suspect having humidity issues in your home, contact Majestic AC.  We will send a Comfort Consultant to your home to determine if your home has humidity issues and provide effective solutions so you can make an informed decision.

Humidity and Your Home
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