Recently, Majestic AC received a great nod from one of our longtime partners, J. Patrick Homes.  For over 25 years, Majestic AC has been installing HVAC systems into the beautiful homes built by J. Patrick Homes.  This long relationship has been mutually beneficial with ideas going both ways.  Chris Pine, our operations manager, is very appreciative of the fact that J. Patrick Homes is receptive to new ideas.  For example, when Chris approached them about the benefits of dehumidifiers for their homeowners, they said “Let’s do it!”  This forward thinking has driven Majestic AC to be one of the highest rated HVAC companies in the business serving residential customers all around Montgomery, Harris and Fort Bend counties.

J. Patrick Homes is very loyal to their tradespeople, which is important because when you come in to do a job, you know what to expect and it makes your own work so much easier,” Chris Pine, our operations manager said.

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