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Repair or Replace: Three considerations to making the right decision about your HVAC system

Repair or Replace: Three considerations to making the right decision about your HVAC system

Your air conditioning system is the most important part of you and your family’s comfort at home.  Your HVAC system requires the most energy and costs a lot to replace. So at what point do you go from repairs to replacing an aging system?  Majestic AC will go over some factors to consider when making that decision.  A new system is a significant investment.  Constant repairs can drain your funds as well just over a longer period of time.  So let’s look at the 3 things to consider when deciding on repair or replacing your HVAC system:

1. Age

A well-maintained AC system in southeast Texas can last from 15-20 years maybe more depending on how much it runs.  While we are talking about maintenance, its a good idea to have regular tune-ups done to make sure its running at its best.  Check out our maintenance program here.  Certain parts inside the HVAC system could fail well before that time.  An HVAC system is made up of three major components which of course has smaller parts.  But the main components are the compressor, the evaporator coil and the condenser. 

The compressor has both electric and mechanical parts.  It’s job is to deliver the refrigerant to the coils. Compressors can last between 12 to 20 years and often cannot be repaired.  They can be costly especially when older and has limited availability.  There also maybe issues related to the refrigerant that is being used.

Repair or replace: If the cost of replacing the compressor is close to simply replacing the condenser, then replacement would be the best decision. There may be other mitigating factors.  Contact Majestic AC so that we can discuss your best options here.

The evaporator coil is typically indoors next to your furnace or inside the air handler.  It’s job is to absorb heat from your home and take it to your compressor.  These can begin to leak refrigerant between 15 and 20 years. 

Repair or replace: There is no repairing a coil.  Replacement is your only option when these fail.

The condenser or outdoor coil is the unit outside your home.  The outer wall dissipates the heat that your evaporator coil collected inside.  Condensers have few moving parts so the unit itself rarely need to be replaced unless damaged by external sources.  Typically when it comes to the condenser, the parts inside need to be repaired or replaced often.  This typically includes the contactor, the capacitor and the fan motor.

Repair or replace: The parts we described, contactor, capacitor and fan motor, typically do not cost a lot to replace so repair is in order.  Some considerations are if the parts continue to breakdown often which could be a indicator of a larger problem.

2. Refrigerant

Older units that use R22 refrigerant need to be replaced.  Currently it is illegal to produce R22 in the United States.  Reserves are the only source and there are companies that are recovering R22 from old systems to resell because the costs are skyrocketing. We can repair most parts in an HVAC system but repairs that require us to replace your refrigerant can become expensive if you have a system that uses R22.  A Majestic AC Comfort Consultant can talk with you about your options on retrofitting your HVAC system to use the newer refrigerant types and the options you have.

3. Total Cost of Ownership

The final consideration is what is it costing you to hold onto that old HVAC system.  Many people do not take into consideration the total cost of keeping the old HVAC system.  To get the true cost, take a look at all the repair work that you have done over the past year.  Then add in the additional energy costs associated with a system that has to work harder and longer to keep you comfortable.  Lastly, figure in that newer systems are more efficient and can save not only on electric bills but the warranty that will cover repairs over a significant period of time.  Once you have these number, let a Majestic AC Comfort Consultant sow you options based on expert analysis of your home to give you options on the best systems that fit your lifestyle.  Math is math and you would be surprised on how quickly you can achieve a positive return on investment of a new high-efficiency HVAC system.

Final Thoughts

With great financing terms, instant rebates from electric companies and other offers, Majestic AC can help you get the comfort and indoor air quality you want for you and your family.  All this backed up by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.  We have been helping families with their home comfort systems for over three generations with thousands of satisfied customers all over southeast Texas.  Give us the opportunity to earn your business.  We are a different sort of HVAC company.  One that cares for all of its customers.  You can see that reflected in our exceptional online reputation, great relationships with our industry associations and the great employees we manage.

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