Why Annual Furnace Inspections are Important

Why Annual Furnace Inspections are Important

Southeast Texas does not get many real cold days. But they do happen. That is not a good time for your home furnace to fail. In addition, there are major safety concerns when it comes to your heater. Let’s look at how furnace problems could endanger your family.

All furnace companies recommend yearly maintenance by a HVAC technician. Many furnace breakdowns are due to lack of proper maintenance. Damage sustained due to lack of maintenance could void your warranty. Regular maintenance will decrease the change of breakdowns. You do not want the heater to fail when temperatures are freezing.

Many furnaces in the home are gas burning heaters. Inside is an important component called a heat exchanger. Its function is to “exchange” heat with the air going into your home. More importantly, it keeps hazardous fumes from entering your home. An inspection of your furnace can detect these problems. Carbon monoxide fumes in your home can be deadly. 

Annual furnace inspections could find small problems before they become big ones. Furnace replacement is expensive. Keeping your furnace in good working condition will prolong its life. A typical furnace inspection includes:

  • Combustion analysis to check for carbon monoxide leaks
  • Examination of the heat exchanger
  • Testing safety switches
  • Checking burners for proper ignition and flame capability
  • Inspection of your flame sensor and ignition device
  • Cleaning the drainage system
  • Evaluating gas pressure and furnace temperature rise
  • And much more

Two things to take away from this article. Get furnace repairs done as soon as possible. A faulty furnace can be dangerous to your family. Second, get your furnace inspected each year. The inspection can prolong the life of your furnace.  Additionally, your furnace will work efficiently when you need it. 

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